…all Languages In One, …Ide Ji Asusu Naijiria, …ikorita Gbogbo Ede Ile Naijeria, …cibiyar Harsunan Najeria


…all Languages In One, …Ide Ji Asusu Naijiria, …ikorita Gbogbo Ede Ile Naijeria, …cibiyar Harsunan Najeria




The NINLAN medical centre was inherited from the defunct federal school of Arts and science (FSAS) in 1993. The medical centre is located in the present city campus of NINLAN that is housing the staff, students of NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School (NDSS) and the pupil of NINLAN Nursery and Primary school. The campus is located at New Umuahia road Ogbor-Hill Aba and it is popularly known and recognized in Aba metropolis as Federal school. It consisted of the Out Patient Department (OPD), Doctors consulting Room, Chief Nursing Officer’s Office, one Sick Bay, Duty Room, a store and one toilet. It was catering for all students, staff and staff dependants. With the growing number of students there was need for expansion and renovation. In 2002/2003 the project was executed through ETF intervention. Nurses changing room, addition two sick bars, pharmacy room, bathroom and toilet were constructed. In effect the structure was completely renewed and renovated.

The clinic had eight nurses, eight attendants and a chief matron in charge. It also had a doctor and a pharmacy technician who was in charge of the pharmacy. The centre also had a visiting laboratory scientist who was in charge of laboratory investigation.

In 2007 the institute moved to the permanent sit. The clinic was divided into two. Some nurses and attendants remained in the city campus while others came to the main campus. Meanwhile, as a result of retirement and some other factors, some staff left and other new staff recruited. There are now five (5) nurses and one attendant in the main campus while four nurses and four attendants are in the city campus, but there is no doctor for now.

As a result of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), the operational services of the clinic is now more focused on the students rather than staff, nevertheless, members of staff are also given attention in cases of emergency cases.

The main campus clinic is located in a temporary place inside the student hostel until the main medical centre is completed. It is operating in a four-room apartment with a small duty room, one doctor consulting room, one chief matron’s office and two sick bays. There are also supportive services from nurses in the main campus to the city campus.

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It is envisaged that the growth of the institute in capacity and operation will positively affect the clinic. It will be able to undertake surgical and other cases that will enhance higher medical practices.

The patient wards will be fully equipped and operational, certainly the clinic will move from the present temporary location to its own permanent structure. Higher medical instrument will be available. A number of doctors will be recruited. The number of nurses will increase. Attendants and other medical staff like the pharmacist, pharmacy technicians, laboratory scientist, laboratory attendants, card recorders emergency vehicles and drivers as well as other relevant staff will be available. The working environment and atmosphere will be highly improved.

The mission of the clinic is to provide good and improved health care services for the students. The staff can also benefit in case of emergencies and minor services.

provision of effective health care delivery system. Ensuring of good patient care. Availability of drugs at all the times.

The clinic is divided into two sections. One is located at the main campus and the other one in the city campus. Both of the units are headed by the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). The city campus unit is healed by a Senior Nursing Officer (SNO). The city campus has four nurses and four attendants. They run three shifts duties in twenty-four hours that is, morning, afternoon and night duties. They are responsible for the treatment of NINLAN DEMOSTRATION Secondary School Students and Staff in case of emergency. 

The main campus unit has five nurses and one attendant. The unit is also headed by the Chief Nursing Officer in charge of both units. They also run three shifts duties when the students are in section. They are responsible for the treatment of the students and also staff in case of emergence. The Chief Nursing Officer in charge procures drugs. The drugs procured are received by the Store and Audit department before giving back to clinic for propel storage and usage.

  1. General sanitation of the clinic and surroundings 
  2. Card Recording
  3. Checking of blood pressure
  4. Checking of temperature, pulse and respiration
  5. Consultation of patients
  6. Weighing of patients 
  7. Laboratory investigation and other necessary investigations like X-ray, Scanning etc, where necessary.
  8. Prescription of drugs.
  9. Administration of drugs.
  10. Dispensing of drugs.
  11. Admission of patient where necessary.
  12. Generalize patients care by clinic staff, example:
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Performing minor surgery
  • Suturing of minor injury
  • Reassuring of patients
  • Referring of patients to specialist when necessary
  1. Preparation of duty roster
  2. Procurement of drugs
  3. Storage of drugs
  4. Recording of treatment
  5. Filling of cards
  6. Writing of clinic report.

The clinic at the city campus and permanent sites has necessary equipment needed to run a clinic. These include: blood pressure apparatus, trolleys, bed side lockers, screen, examination couch, kidney dishes, forceps, scissors, bed tables, and autoclaves drums, electric kettle, sterilizer, drug cupboards, drawers for files and patient folders, wall clocks. Weighing scale, beds, mattress, pillows, refrigerator, thermometer, drug tray.