…all Languages In One, …Ide Ji Asusu Naijiria, …ikorita Gbogbo Ede Ile Naijeria, …cibiyar Harsunan Najeria


…all Languages In One, …Ide Ji Asusu Naijiria, …ikorita Gbogbo Ede Ile Naijeria, …cibiyar Harsunan Najeria

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NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School which as one of the service units of the Institute provides Secondary education basically for children of staff and members of the public. The goal is to provide quality education at affordable fees to the staff and the public, thus, bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. It also supplements the effort of the government to provide standard education to the people. The school also functions as a model school for practicing NCE and PGDE students of the Institute. It is a mix school and has boarding facilities.

When the former Federal School of Art and Science (FESAS) was phased out, it was thought by stake holders in education that the site had been closed permanently by the federal Government.  The approach, method and procedure adopted by the government aroused eager curiosity, doubts and even speculation and suspicion as to what it was up to.  The closure caused uncritical nostalgia of the past because the compound was greatly empty, desolate and sombre.  The question on the lips of people was what to do with the large compound, well-equipped library, laboratories and buildings.  Hence it raised a veritable battery of arguments regarding the (rationality) rationale, the desirability and practical utility of the policy.

Nevertheless, the fears and doubts of concerned people sank into oblivion and insignificance when, in 1993, the federal government promulgated Decree 177 that brought into being the National Institute for Nigerian Languages with the acronym NINLAN.  An erudite Igbo scholar and author, namely Professor Emmanuel Nwanolue Emenanjo, was meritoriously appointed the first Executive Director of the Institute which is the first of its kind in Nigeria.  He was a man of his times who shared the educational, social perceptions, hopes and expectations of his people.  With vision and foresight, he embarked upon the establishment of a staff secondary school named NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School (NDSS).

Professor Emenanjo appointed Mrs. F.U. Ufomadu the first Principal to nurture the new school to its eventual growth and maturity.  The onus of doing this lay squarely on the shoulders of this diligent and unassuming woman and her team.  Challenged by this appointment, motivated by the calibre of the man that appointed her and supported by her energetic staff, the new Principal swung into action.  She did this by first visiting and studying the modus operandi and modus vivendi of similar or equivalent institutions established and run by the Universities at Port Harcourt and Nsukka as well as the federal government Colleges called the Unity Schools.  This pioneer Principal was consequently able to submit a blue print on the basis of her feasibility studies.  The school was given a name to reflect the dream, vision, hopes, inspiration and aspiration of the founding father and the stakeholders.

Those who formed the nucleus of the teaching staff were drawn from the staff of the Extension Services Unit.  With a Management Board that was committed, foresighted and purposeful, and a principal and staff that were dedicated, the NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School started with about a hundred pioneer students on the 27th of November, 1993.

To implement the spirit and objectives which inspired the foundation and establishment of the school, it has, as its motto “Dignity through Discipline and Knowledge”.  This motto symbolizes in microcosm the principles, values and standards that act as a fillip to action, attitudes and behaviour.  It summarizes the method and technique for the general up-bringing and training of the students in preparation for adult life among other people.  This shows that the school recognizes the urgent import of values which provide standards through which behaviour is rationalized, maintained and sustained.  Thus, the lives of the students are controlled, regulated and enhanced to attain a certain purposeful goal.  The school strongly believes that it is imperative to build a healthy school community by implanting standards of right and wrong.  NDSS teachers have important part to play in the formulation, establishment and maintenance of such standards.  All in all, every effort is made to resuscitate, reinvigorate and beef up the moral fibre of the students through religious and moral instructions as well as civic education.

In a country where life is fluctuating between false assurance and painful uncertainty and where education is quantitatively proficient and qualitatively deficient, NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School (NDSS), Aba is blessed with a crop of teachers who work with apostolic zeal and a commitment that compels.  It is a team of fifty-Nine strong teachers – 16 men and 43 women.  They toil and moil daily to bring up, educate and train the students morally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  There is a supporting non-tutorial staff of 25 – 4 men and 21 women.

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The school has a total of 104 staff made up of 35 men and 69 women.

Over the years the population of the students of the school has grown and is still growing. Presently, the population stands at Seven Hundred and Sixty-Eight (768), JSS1 – 187, JSS2 – 173, JSS3 – 111, SS1 – 104, SS2 – 107 and SS3 86. The school is also known for zero tolerance for examination malpractice and our students gain admission and cope easily in the universities and colleges. There are visible and noticeable signs of healthy and fast growth as well as successes and achievements.  It is hoped that the products of this school, in the near future, will be working in all areas of life and in all strata of society.  This will demonstrate and dramatize, as it were, the ascendancy and power of knowledge and the transcendental powers of scholarship which penetrate territorial boundaries.  


Due to the success and growth of NINLAN Demonstration Secondary school, NINLAN Nursery and Primary School was established in 2005 to support the Secondary School and provide quality Nursery and Primary education for the children of staff and members of the public at affordable price. The school has since grown to include a Crèche/Pre-Nursery. Today NNPS has 22 class teachers, 7 minders and 5 non-teaching staff. The population of pupils stands at Four Hundred and Eighty-Six and still growing.

"To produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders"

NDSS Also aim “To provide world-class education in academics and moral values which uniquely shape the lives of children into completely responsible and God-fearing citizens”

In this wise, we are fostering a progressive, holistic and safe learning environment where students are nurtured and moulded to become the next generation's future leaders. “Educating today's generation to lead future generations for a better tomorrow.

“To be a world-class learning place helping to build Africa through education”

ACCOUNTIBILITYWe preach and teach accountability to our students all round

 COOPERATION'Sharing and learning together'. Team Work, contributing and sharing in a helpful way

 RESPECT'Respect each other and our environment'. Respect involves taking responsibility for each other.

 ACHIEVEMENTAchievement is striving to attain your personal goals, persisting and giving your best effort.

 EMPATHY'Treat others with care and compassion'. Understand other's views and feelings.

 DISCIPLINEOur rules and strategies applied in school to manage student behaviour and practices.

The School embraces and upholds old-time virtues, values and proper upbringing of children. We give all-round developmental education that promotes efficiency and dedication to the students. The objectives of the school therefore are:

 To make students willing to learn and be studious.

 To teach students to be God-fearing and law-abiding citizens.

 To instill in students the will to excel without dishonesty.

 To help students acquire the required vocational and academic skill that will provide them job opportunities in future.

 To help students discover their potential and nurture latent abilities to become productive and fulfilled citizens in future.

 To make students be self-dependant.

Also, we place premium on beginning each day with God. Each day starts with morning devotion in the hostel followed by the school assembly. Although we do not discriminate in the admission of students, we make every effort to train them in the way of God.

Many parents often have high expectations that schools should provide high level of general care, academic work and grooming of students for higher education. The aims of the School therefore are as follows:

 To provide neighborhood school for the children of this community.

 To provide high standard educational service.

 To promote religious and moral tenets

NINLAN Demonstration Secondary, Nursery and Primary Schools are run by NINLAN Management through a Management Board set up by the Executive Director of NINLAN. The Board serves as a policy making organ of the schools while the day to day running of the Secondary schools is handle by the Principal and his Management team made up of the Vice Principal Administration, Vice Principal Academics, Dean Special Duties, Dean of Studies and Department Heads. The daily management of the Nursery Primary School (NNPS) is under the charge of the Headmistress and her management team.

The School uses both the State Syllabus and NECO Syllabus. Students are prepared for the National Examination Council (NECO) Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), and West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The School makes use of the Federal Ministry of Education recommended list of books in addition to the subject teachers’ choice.

English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science and Technology, Business Studies, National Values Education, Prevocational Studies, Yoruba L2, Igbo Language, French Language, Hausa Language, Christian Religious Studies, Cultural and Creative Arts, History and Information and Communication Technology, Civic Education

English Language, Mathematics, Geography, Literature, Agricultural Science/Food Nutrition, Fine Art, Music, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Physics, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Economics, Government, Christian Religious Knowledge, French, Dyeing and Bleaching, Catering Craft Practice, Marketing, Key Boarding,

The School places high premium on extracurricular activities and participates in several competitions ranging from Music, Sports, Games, Literary and Debating, ICT, Spelling Bee and Quiz Competitions.

There are Four major departments in the School. The departments are:

 Science department – Basic Science and Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Physical and Health Education, Information Communication Technology (ICT)/Computer Studies.

 Arts/ Language department – English Language, French. Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa

 Social Science department – Social Studies, Geography, Economics, Business Studies, Marketing, Government, History, Civic Education. Christian Religious Knowledge

 Vocational department – Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Food and Nutrition, Visual Art, Music. Creative and Cultural Arts, Catering Craft Practice. Dyeing and Bleaching

The school offers the following national examinations:

 Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) – National/NECO 

 Senior Secondary external Examinations – WASSCE, NECO SSCE

Ninlan Demonstration Schools have fully equipped laboratories and workshops for practical studies for the students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Basic Science, Home Economics, Information Communication Technology, Basic Technology, Music and Visual Arts.

The school has two well-equipped libraries for both junior and senior schools. The library is stocked with digital materials, encyclopaedia, thesaurus, periodicals, textbooks on various subjects and newspapers.

The school offers admission to students into JSS1, JSS2, SS1 and SS2

Admission form can be obtained from the School Bursary at the cost of Three Thousand (N3,000.00) naira only. 

On purchase of form, the prospective student will be informed of the date an aptitude test will be held for new intakes.

Admission is offered only to candidates who passed the aptitude test. The subject areas for the entrance examination are English Language and Mathematics.

In addition to passing the aptitude test, candidates for admission into SS1 must have passed BECE/JSSCE examination and an oral interview organized by the school to ensure that only candidates of good behaviour are given admission.