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NINLAN is where all Nigerian languages converge, hence the motto: E Pluribus Unum. Nigeria is a multilingual nation and translation is considered as a language barrier breaker, a linguistic bridge, which links speakers of different languages and makes the movement from one language to another possible. Translation is at the core of NINLAN’S mandate this led to the creation of a translation Centre.

Brief history of the Centre

The Centre was established in 1993. The main aim of the translation Centre is to bridge linguistic gaps in Nigeria through Seminars and Workshops. From inception, the Centre has organized Translation Conferences and workshops.

The Centre tends to bridge linguistic gaps, break Nigerian language barriers thereby unifying people from various ethnic groups there by linking people together through translation activities carried out in the Centre.

-Break intercontinental language barriers thereby unifying people; linking people together by shedding light on their thoughts through Translation, Interpretative activities and the creation of terms in Nigerian languages.

The Centre’s vision and mission involve:

  1. Production of Dictionaries in Nigerian Languages to avert the extinction of our indigenous languages. 
  2. Collation of researches on term creation in different domains in Nigerian Languages for proper harmonization and dissemination.
  3. Mounting proficiency programmes tor workers, religious bodies and journalists in addition to regular courses done at different levels.
  4. Organizing Conferences, Seminars and workshops.
  5. Offering translation services in different spheres of life: media houses, certificates, film text and subtitles, manufacturer’s brochures, handbills, notices, brochures in hotels, adverts, billboards, slogans etc. in different Nigerian Languages and in foreign languages.
  6. Providing short-term capacity building programmes for those in media houses.
  7. Training of court interpreters and clerks of houses of Assembly in collaboration with the NINLAN Department of Translation Studies.
  8. Liaising with recognized professional translation bodies both local and international to enhance its activities.
Meet Our Department

Team Of Staff

The staff involved in the Centre for Translation Studies are well qualified and competent.