Academic Planning

History of the Department

Since the inception of the Institute, the Academic Planning Department has been providing focus, direction and purpose for the academic advancement of the Institute in line with the National Universities Commission (NUC) benchmark. The Department is responsible for gathering, analyzing and interpreting statistical data that assists the Executive Director and indeed all other departments of the Institute in performing their planning functions. The Department is expected to present its findings in the form of annual reports, academic brief, news - letters and periodicals. The Department coordinates the Institute’s strategic and master plans from every department and faculty and derives its benchmark in their overall realization of the Institute’s strategic objectives. It provides a warehouse where all new findings and breakthroughs are collated for onward publication and dissemination. It is this department that assists the Institute in responding to information, requests and queries from the Council, National Universities Commission (NUC) and Ministry of Education.

Our vision is to promote and implement quality - related strategic developments with sustainable quality assurance frameworks and procedures, and support the institutional and programme accreditation processes.

Our mission is ensuring articulated and smooth coordination of all activities in the Institute.

The objective of Academic planning is to:

  •  Provide a framework for the coordination of academic activities and programmes.
  • Help to streamline unwarranted growth and duplication of academic programmes.
  • Maintain well defined minimum standards.
  • Implement strategies designed to attain, efficiently and effectively, the academic needs and goals of students.
  • Matches mission of the Institution with the needs of students.
  • promote quality of teaching


Academic Planning Department of NINLAN is responsible for the following duties:

  • Coordinates Institute – wide survey to update data on key matters concerning the Institute.
  • Liaises with the other departments, for the purposes of updating data concerning students and staff population growth, attrition, graduation, drop – out rate and retirements.
  • Helps the ED in meeting the information requests of the key stakeholders such as Ministry of Education, Council, Alumni and NUC.
  • Responsible to the Executive Director for the day – to – day administration of the Academic Planning Department.
  • Analysing academic planning for Master plan development in the Institute.
  • Producing annual reports and publications in liaison with the Registry.
  • Supervises the compilation of the Strategic Plan of the Institute.
  • Analysing the Institute annual implementation budget and their financial prospects and problems.
  • Analysing the actual resource utilization costs in the Institute.
  • Evaluation of the annual institutional performance against the Strategic Plan.
  • Helping the Institute in curricula revision and/or review activities as well as ensuring that the Institute complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development.
  • Collection and storage of publications of statistical nature from other Institutes.
  • Coordinating publication of the Institute’s records, statistics, research reports etc
  • Member/Secretary of some Institute Committees /Boards.
  • Using collected data for making projections and advising the Institute on areas of direct concern and alert.
  • Participating in the production and or revision of long term, medium term and short- term academic briefs and /or plans and modelling of such plans against reality and Institute goals.
  • Preparation of research material papers on the basis of data supplies from feedback information.
  • Assisting in coordinating publication of the Institute records, statistics, and research reports.
  • Supply of information on higher education to government departments, institutions and researchers.
  • Servicing of relevant Committees and Sub-committees as may be appointed or directed.
  • Facilitate in storage and retrieval of relevant institutional data to approved researchers, especially on academic staff workload , areas of specialization, Institute’s research output.
  • Using feedback data for generating information that can be used for evaluating the internal operations of the Institute against approved criteria.
  • Analysis and interpretation of Institute’s annual statistics on enrolments, staff training and turnover etc; and passing such information on for institutional based research.
  • Maintenance of regular data bank for the Institute.
  • Internal evaluation of the performance status of the Institute on all the NUC – approved funding parameters and other guidelines.
  • Performs annual updating, projection, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning and preparation of the Institute budget and the subsequent resource allocation within the ambient of the approved budget.
  • Involved in the collection of relevant data on changing trends on Institute activities such as enrolments, staff training and turnover, and passing such data on for institution- based research for improvement purposes.
  • Documenting and storing information on the academic programmes of the Institute.
  • Compilation and categorization of teaching and research equipment. ,
  • Responsible for liaising with the various units to collect and update data.
  • Designing and sharing of a questionnaire.
  • Assist in preliminary data cleaning and analysis.
  • Supervise the work of data entry clerk.

The Department provides a range of information and planning support to the management for decision-making, planning and policy formulation, and the overall strategic development of the Institute. It is the life wire of the Institute since its primary responsibility for Quality Assurance runs through the various academic and administrative activities of the Institute.

 We engage in key investigative research into areas of needs and provision of quality statistical information through the following sub- units in the Academic Planning Directorate.

  • Academic Resource Planning
  • Publication and Statistics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process section
  • Feedback section
  • Report Writing and Publication

The Department ensures all programmes comply with the national and international academic quality standards. This is essential in assessing the performance of Lecturers in the courses they teach. Students’ opinion is sought on the conduct of the courses by their lecturers using a set of Questionnaire to assess certain parameters including: Regularity and Punctuality of lecturers, Mastery of subjects’ knowledge, Presentation and Delivery skills, Relationship with students, Appearance and Use of Teaching Aids and Regularity of Continuous Assessment, Preparation for accreditation exercise,

Coordinating the preparation of Academic Brief and guiding Departments of the Institute on the operations of the Academic Brief, Analysis of students’ enrolment figures and ensuring compliance with guidelines such as admission quota, teacher/student ratio etc and Feasibility studies for the establishment of new academic programme (s )

Meet Our Department

Directory of staff

The Academic Planning Department is an integral part of the Executive Director’s office, headed by a Director who is appointed by and responsible to the Executive Director for the day-to-day management of academic planning functions of the Institute. In its activities, the department provides assistance and advisory role to the Executive Director on matters relating to the academic planning and quality assurance of the Institute, as well as issues relating to staff development programmes.

The Academic Planning Department of the National Institute For Nigerian Languages is located within the Babs Fafunwa Academic Block. The Department operates under the Executive Director’s office, headed by the Director, Dr. (Mrs) N.B. Ohaike who is directly responsible to the Executive Director for the day-to-day administration of the Department and is assisted by some professional and other supporting staff to oversee the functions of the Department. They are:

Mr. Justice Adiele.Admin. Officer 107040806592
Mrs. Nwankwor Juliana Oguguo.Principal Executive Officer 1108055625495
Mrs. Amaefula Anthonia ChidinmaPrincipal Confidential Secretary08138285380
Miss Onyegbu Ozioma.Academic planning Officer 108037570881
Mrs. Nwokedi Eberechukwu ChizaramSenior Clerical Officer08125133656