The history of NINLAN is rooted in the desire of the federal government to solve the problem of inadequacy of teachers of Nigerian Languages at all levels.

In 1993, the first acculturation school came with only one student. And since then the record shows that this aspect of NINLAN mandate has been sustained to date as indicated in the sample of statistics below.

NINLAN is one of the designated centres for acculturation programme based on the stipulated guidelines of the National Commission for Colleges of Education, the minimum standard that all NCE students of the major Nigerian languages as l2 including Arabic and French are expected to experience acculturation programmes in the relevant language of study.

In packaging of the programme, the students, in addition to the NCCE minimum standard, should:

  1. Be conversant with and appreciate Igbo Culture 
  2. Appreciate Igbo people and disabuse their minds of stereotype notions about the Igbo people.
  3. Make life time friends among the Igbos.
  4. Marry and be Married in Igbo land and thereby foster the unity of this great nation.



To fulfill the mandate of using Nigeria language (l2) in education as provided for in the national policy on education (NPE 1977, revised1981, 1998, 2004); NINLAN is the designated to train and produce language experts who will teach l2 in Nigerian languages at both primary and secondary levels.

One of the missions of acculturation programme is to have accurate documentation of Igbo l2 and have developed standard orthography. Another mission is to get government to offer incentive (such as job guarantees) to prospective and actual student of linguistics and Nigeria language as l2.

  1. Since its inception from 1993 till date, the acculturation unit of NINLAN have been embarking on the training and producing of l2 teachers in Nigerian languages. Their activities during such programmes are as follows: Excursion to different cultural centres, Tutorials, Recreational activities E.t.c    
  2. It is done in NINLAN because it is a designated place from FGN that can take care of language experts.
  3. Acculturation is very much necessary today though it is not taken seriously as it was ten years.
  4. The circumstances responsible for the decline of the programme now are: - No job for graduates, non-continuity to degree programme, Covid 19, End SARS, incessant strike and irregular calendar.
  5. In order to revive the interest in the programme is to tackle some of the problem listed e.g.
  6. Job creation, floating of degree programme to enable NCE graduates continues the programme to other levels of education. 
  7. NINLAN can make the programme better by showing hospitality to those that came and this will encourage others.
  8. Also, by making the environment where they stay conducive.
  9. If possible, give them jobs at primary level after graduation.