A brief history of Procurement Unit 

The Procurement unit in National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN) was created by the Executive Director, Prof. Obiajulu A.Emejulu on the 3rd December, 2018. To enable the institute derive value for money and improve efficiency in the use of its scarce resources appropriated to them by the Federal Government, towards ensuring due process. In addition, the Unit is help the Institute to:

  1. Ensure an open, transparent and compliance processes in their procurement activities.
  2. Achieve Economy, Efficiency and value for money.
  3. Promote equality of opportunities to all Strata-Bidders and achieve quality and effective service delivery. 
  4. To checkmate the use of inferior/substandard materials in Public Procurement.

The vision of the Procurement Unit in the Institute are as follows:

  1. To provide equal treatment to all suppliers/ Bidders.
  2. To promote integrity, fairness, accountability and public confidence in the Institute procurement process

To conduct procurement processes in compliance with the provisions of public procurement Act 2007 and to ensure value for money, transparency, fairness and competitiveness, while fostering mutually beneficial relationship between the Institute and its stakeholders.

The core value of the procurement unit of the Institute is to award timely and cost-effective contracts to qualified Contractors, Suppliers and Service providers for the provision of goods, works and services to support the Institute operations, in accordance with principles and procedures established in the public procurement Act 2007.

The Institute Procurement Unit is staffed with seven (7) officers of which six (6) of the staff are Certified Procurement Officers by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), while one (1) staff is yet to undergo the conversion course.


  1. Advertise and solicit for bids in compliance with guidelines issued by the bureau from time to time,
  2. Receive and maintain appropriate documentation for bids received, examine bids received, obtain a certificate of No Objection ‘ to Contract Award from the Bureau of Public Procurement, and make submissions to the entity’s Tenders’ Board.
  3. Debrief the Bid losers on request. 
  4. Resolve complaints and disputes, if any.
  5. Obtain and confirm the validity of any performance guarantee.
  6. Announce and publicize Contracts Awards. 
  7. Execute all Contract Agreements.


  1. Collection of needs assessment from Schools, Departments and Units of the Institute.
  2. Developing of annual Procurement Plan based on the Institute’s needs and ensures proper capturing into the NOCOPO data base.
  3. Performing market survey to determine the price list and cost variation on Goods and Services as I n-house Estimate.
  4. Preparation of advertisement/ Invitation of Bids for Suppliers and Contractors.
  5. Ensuring Bid Submission /Bid Opening.
  6. Payment of Contractors and Suppliers through the government Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) platform.
  7. Supervision for the Procurement of Stationaries.
  8. Ensure a standard Tender evaluation report that is when the evaluation is handled by procurement unit.

The Drivers or stakeholders of procurement in the Institute are the Accounting Officer which is the Executive Director, Tenders Board, Procurement Planning Committee, Procurement Unit or Department and Procurement Officers/ Cadre while external stakeholders are Contractors or Service Providers, Civil Society and Professional Associations, Interested Members of the Public. Bureau of Public Procurement are the regulators.

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