The National Institute for Nigerian Languages (NINLAN) was established by Decree 117 of 30th December 1993, now CAP N50 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004. NINLAN’s main campus is located along Opobo Azumini Road, Ogbor Hill Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The institute has a city campus, located at No. 53, New Umuahia Road, off Waterside, Ogbor Hill Aba. As an apex inter-university centre, NINLAN has the mandate to conduct research, documentation, teaching, and coordination of studies in Nigerian languages. The NINLAN ACT gave the needed impetus to commence publishing activities in Nigerian languages and offer bookshop services to the NINLAN community and beyond. 

As part of efforts to fulfil its mandate, the NINLAN Press and Bookshops (NPB) was established in 1995, as the publishing and book-retailing unit of NINLAN. In the past, we have published notable titles such as Standard Igbo Spelling (Nsǜpe Igbo Ìzǜgbe): A Practical Guide (1996), Tony Ubesie: the Man and the Artist (2001) and Ukàbùilu Ndi Ìgbȯ (1998), as well as several volumes of the Nigerian Language Studies – a journal of the Institute. We have also published a campus newspaper in Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa languages. 

After some years of relative inactivity due to the 8-years (2007-2015) of the absorption of the Institute by the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, we have bounced back with a new impetus to take the NPB to new levels of creative book development and marketing. The current repositioning of the NPB is fortuitously taking place under the passionate guidance of the 4th Executive Director of NINLAN, Professor Obiajulu A. Emejulu, under whose leadership in the late 1990s the NPB had witnessed its greatest period of growth and development of titles. We have revived our publishing activities with titles like Anaañ Dictionary (2020), Anaañ Metalanguage (2020), with many more in the works.

NPB particularly encourage the submission of manuscripts in Nigerian languages/related disciplines for our imprint.

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NINLAN Press and Bookshops’ vision is to tell the Nigerian story and become Nigeria’s foremost indigenous languages publisher for the production, marketing and distribution of quality academic and creative works in Nigerian languages.

We have the mission to: 

  1. Boost indigenous literacy development in Nigerian languages through paperback, ebook and audiobook publishing.
  2. Publish high-quality colourful children's storybooks in Nigerian languages.
  3. Revolutionize the development and publication of leisure reading books as well as primary and secondary school course books in Nigerian languages.
  4. Publish academic journals and textbooks in Nigerian languages and the English language.
  5. Provide a world of endless publishing opportunities for authors who use any Nigerian language as a medium of expression.
  6. Provide translation services in several Nigerian Languages and from the English language to Nigerian languages.     
  7. Scout for authors to provide Nigerian languages and culture-based content.
  8. Market and distribute published books via offline and online outlets.
  9. Stock and supply stationery and book-related material to internal and external customers.

We believe in the quality, integrity, fairness and originality of ideas.

We have a team of dynamic and experienced personnel.

We scout for manuscripts, publish, market and distribute books, journals etc, under our imprint. We encourage persons with interesting manuscripts on various aspects of Nigerian language studies and in various Nigerian languages to feel free to approach us for the publishing of their work.


We procure, stock and retail textbooks, journals, modules and storybooks in relevant subject areas for primary, secondary and tertiary education.  We also print posters, banners, brochures, flyers, magazines, newspapers, NINLAN branded notebooks, jotters and pens, supply stationery and offer photocopying, bookbinding and laminating services to the NINLAN community and beyond.

We have offices at the main campus and the city campus of the institute.

Main Campus 

Bookshop Building, NINLAN, 

Kilometre 8, Along Opobo-Azumini Road, 

P.M.B. 7078 Ogbor Hill, Aba,

Abia State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08032690805

City Campus 

Bookshop Office, 

NINLAN Demonstration Secondary School,

53, New Umuahia Road, off Waterside,

Ogbor Hill Aba, 

Abia State, Nigeria.

Phone: 08064366894

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