NINLAN counselling unit was created by the Executive Director, Prof O. Obiajulu, 

in the year 2021 to ensure that students are given appropriate guidance, counselling and nurturing. 

To produce graduates who, through proper guidance and counselling, will not only fit into the school curriculum of activities but mature into fruitful members of the larger society. 

  1. To assist new students to adjust to the school environment. 
  2. To guide students to face and surmount the challenges of studentship. 
  3. To nurture them to become obedient to school regulations and eventual law-abiding citizens
  1. Organized learning programmes. 
  2. Optimal prioritization of leaning and other school activities. 
  3. Sound character development 
  4. Excellent result.


The Unit comprises of: 

  1. A counselling psychologist as the head who reports to the Executive Director. 
  2. Four staff members who each perform functions of the unit which Include, among other 

things, -organizing orientation programmes for new students and counselling services. 

  1. One of the four members serves as the secretary of the unit.

NINLAN counselling unit renders the following services: a. Orientation service for new students.  

  1. Information service.
  2. guidance service. 
  3. Counselling service. 
  4. Vocational service. 
  5. Health service. 
  6. Vacation and leisure guidance services.