The Public Affairs and Media Office of the Institute is formally known as Information, Protocol and Public Relations Unit. Its functions relate to creating a good image for the Institute among its stakeholders – the Government, the Council, the community neighbours, the Supervising Agencies, the Staff and the Students.

The IPPR Unit is the Information Centre of the Institute whose aim is to be the storehouse of all manner of data and information relating to the Institute’s history, operations, administration, successes, events, staffing, students and projections.

It is the unit that relates with and co-ordinates with the mass media in their interactions with the Institute or its Executive Director, with a view to getting positive media coverage.

The IPPR covers the following functions:

  • Publicizing the Institute’s activities and maintaining cordial relations with the media and other stakeholders.
  • Helping in publishing corporate publications
  • Research on corporate image, publics’ motivation, issues and trends, etc.
  • Corporate strategy and policy formulation for the Institute.
  • Corporate social responsibility/community relations
  • Advising and counselling management and clients on issues and policies that have consequence on image and reputation
  • Protocol
  • Employee relations and Information dissemination
  • Corporate identity management
  • Organizing and facilitating events such as courtesy visits, meetings etc.

The IPPR Unit is headed by Chris Nwankwor, an experienced and senior Journalist, now a Senior Deputy Registrar, who joined the services of the Institute after working as a Correspondent, State Editor, and Deputy Editor of various national newspapers.